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New Story Adaptation + Awards Eligibility 2020

First, the new: I’m pleased to share that my story “The Drognar” has been adapted into a lovely audio version narrated and performed by Mick Dark of Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. Listen at YouTube.

The Drognar originally appeared in The Yellow Booke, Vol. 3 and is still available.

2020 Awards Eligibility

If you’re nominating for awards, the main published credit I have this year is “Many Lives Theory” (short story, horror/dark SF) in Dim Shores Presents, Vol. 1 (anthology). More details and available for purchase here. Any consideration for such is much appreciated.

I’ve got a work in progress that looks to be a novella if I ever finish it, working title “Hope Lake.” That’s the main thing I’ve got in the works for the new year, stay tuned and thanks for reading.