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Q1, 2016 Recap

Here’s a consolidated thingie of recent writey related matters of note that have happened in my section of the planet.

I’ve got a survey of some favorite works put out by one of my favorite publishers, NYRB Classics, over at Weird Fiction Review: Bees of Glass and Future Memories: Looking for the Weird at New York Review Books  | A brief comment: I’ve noticed in a couple of places that folks are pointing to other works from NYRB that might well have been appropriate to include in my survey.  The works I’ve seen suggested most often are certainly worthy of inclusion, but there are many that I simply couldn’t get to due to time and space and other such matters.  Some I even acquired (Red Shift, Ice Trilogy, Thus Were Their Faces), either for this project or prior to its conception, and have every intention of reading and possibly writing about at some point in the future.

In my previous post I mentioned submitting a story, and I’m delighted to say that I received a quick and (surprising to me) enthusiastic acceptance of the piece.  “The Drognar” will appear in the 2016 edition of The Yellow Booke from Oldstyle Tales, which has previously published a couple of Nightscript folks, so I feel I’m in good company.  I wrote “The Drognar” a couple of years ago and it was really the first thing I wrote that I felt was worthy of shopping around.  After a rejection I basically shelved it, forgot about it, and occasionally thought back and wondered if it actually was any good or if I’d been carried away with these bizarro feelings of confidence.  However, Yellow Booke seemed an appropriate venue for it, so I dug it out after a two year hibernation and gave it another go.

Speaking of Nightscript, I’m pleased as Punch or perhaps Judy to see that none other than Lovecraft eZine has included it in their 2015 Best-of list.  Bonus points for it appearing alongside what was probably my personal favorite of last year, “The Visible Filth” by Nathan Ballingrud.

Work in progress continues, albeit at a glacial pace and with frequent attempts at progress that often find themselves thwarted.  Que sera sera.  Like a dog…