Archive | September 2021

September Mini-update

Music: Posted some old music on Bandcamp. “Some Symptoms May Include exploding” is a weirdo electroacoustic EP. “Greatest Misses” are some much older pieces that I still enjoy that were basically me trying to make various electronic subgenres my own, with varying degrees of failure.

Literature: I recently appeared as a guest on a podcast to discuss one of my favorite Robert Chambers stories, “The Repairer of Reputations.” It will air in October but for now the rest is a secret.

Writing: I’ve completed and submitted my first story in 2 years, titled “The First Five Minutes After a Dream of Life.” It will appear somewhere soonish, one way or another.

Summer in Decline: Recent Goings-on

My essay about 2020 film Anything for Jackson is now available and free to read: I Would Do Anything for Jackson (Yes, Even That): A Horror-Comedy Demonstrates Why Invoking Satan Rarely Goes as Planned and Can’t Solve Your Grief

I’ve continued my periodic guest-hosting at Celluloid Citizens, a podcast about film. Below are links to some new episodes I appear on: