“The Rim of Morning” by William Sloane


I have some commentary on a new edition from one of my favorite publishers, New York Review of Books, of William Sloane’s two novels, collectively titled “The Rim of Morning”, over at Weird Fiction Review.

EDIT: That time when NYRB Classics shared my article and quoted me on their Facebook page

Also, I have received my contributor copy of Nightscript.  Photos of the cat doing cat things in the same frame as the book shall appear forthwith.

On a related note, I hear tell that Nightscript editor C.M. Muller is scheduled to appear on Scott Nicolay’s fantastic podcast, The Outer Dark, on Oct. 27.  I briefly met Scott at NecronomiCon and have been listening to his show ever since.  It provides some excellent in-depth looks at writing process, genre, specific works, and other related matters.  I just received a copy of his novella, “_after_” from Dim Shores, and I can’t wait to get into it.

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