A Brief Update

Today I submitted a story called “The Drognar”, vaguely inspired by Kelly Link’s “The Specialist’s Hat”, to a venue that I shall keep hidden unless it is accepted.  I wrote it a couple of years ago and after an initial rejection I shelved and forgot about it, but an opportunity came up for an outlet at which it might be better suited.  I need to get better about the businessy end of these things.

Progress continues on another piece, working title “Hope Lake.”  It was first written as a 1-page flash fiction story, and I am now envisioning it as a chapbook once it’s finished.

I’ve also recently wrapped an article I’ve been working on intermittently for about 9 months, surveying a number of books I enjoyed from a favorite publisher.  Will post link here when it becomes available.

The first article I wrote for Weird Fiction Review over here was largely concerned with the work of K.J. Bishop.  I was delighted to wake up the other day to an e-mail from Ms. Bishop stating she’d read the piece and found it to have plenty of mind-food for which to reconsider her own work from a different angle.  That marks a bit of a swooning highpoint for me so far for the year.

I’m currently reading “Brutal Pantomimes” by Rhys Hughes and “Brightfellow” by Rikki Ducornet, a signed ARC of which I was delighted to receive last month.


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