Dim Shores Presents – Limited ed. sold out

A quick note to announce that the first, limited run of Dim Shores Presents, Vol 1, containing my story “Many Lives Theory,” sold out in its first week of publication.

The second edition is now available directly through Dim Shores and will soon be on Amazon and other usual websites.

A few other quick thoughts…

I’ve recently gotten a bit of reading done and can heartily recommend Scanlines by Todd Keisling (also from Dim Shores) and”Rogomelec” by Leonor Fini.

I’ve been chipping away slowly at Shadows & Tall Trees, Vol. 8, and want to highlight a couple favorites so far from that: “The Somnambulists” by Simon Strantzas is a stand-out, and this is the second time in a row I have a new favorite story by Strantzas that I first encountered in Shadows & Tall Trees.  Though I haven’t read all of Simon’s work, over the years I definitely feel I’ve been able to observe some significant changes in terms of its complexity and resonance with me as a reader.  So far I’ve also particularly enjoyed “The Sound of the Sea, So Close” by James Everington, “The Quiet Forms of Belonging” by Kristi DeMeester, and “Sleepwalking with Angels” by Steve Rasnic Tem. I like how well the volume ties together themes relating to climate change and ephemeral dream-architectures.  There is a flow back and forth between numerous stories that turn on such premises and I think such editorial choices have made the stories work better by appearing in such close conversation with one another.  This tendency feels stronger in this volume than in previous ones.

I have recently been reminded of the fact that my first non-academic writing was for a music review site.  It’s been so long that I often forget this, but lately I’ve been listening to something that has had me writing out notes for a piece just like that. Maybe I’ll post it here or something.

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